Jitsi Meet EXPERT for configuration and advice

We have installed jitsi meet on aws on unbuntu. We have our own SSL certificate on it. It works well.

We need following help:

  • configure recording server side and client side. It needs to record all audio streams, video streams and screen sharing streams in one file. We need to be able to have multiple simultenous recordinds so we can have multiple jibri servers

  • audio bridge with voximplant

  • Quick knowledge transfer to in-house person so we can do this ourselves in future

  • Information about other jitsi features

  • google calender integration like on jitsi.org/jitsi-meet

  • white board integration (any whiteboard you recommend), if this is complex, we can skip this

  • document all the steps and do small knowledge transfer to our team in india so they can manage this in future

Please send a message.

I sent you an offer from Lindeas.com, please check your PM inbox.

Hi @schaudha,

Meetrix.IO provides support for Jitsi Meet as well. You can contact us via hello@meetrix.io.

Hey can you reach me out at Hunainlive at gmail.com. I need help with jitsi setup and you can also reach me out on skype my id is: hunainlive