Jitsi Meet error introduced with latest build

Server running ubuntu 22.04 installed latest updates. PC jitsi cannot share screen with mobile devices: ipad, iphone, and android phone but mobile devices can share the screen with the pc. Video does not share between mobile devices and pc but does share between mobile devices likewise pc video shares between pcs but not with mobile devices (shows the initials). Also the microphone status shows the microphones as muted but audio still passes.

All introduced with latest updates

Have you tried this: I can no longer see the video in the mobile app - #3 by magicalegg
does that fixes your problem?

I made those changes to /etc/jitsi/meet/meet.mysteriesoftherosary.net-config.js
and then I restarted to computer and the problem is still there. Did I change it in the wrong place?

O you maybe having other issues, with clients reaching the jvb on udp port 10000 … are you using debian install or docker?

I installed 18 months ago and just apply all the updates as they come out as part of the Ubuntu normal update.

Has your public IP changed during this period?
What is the jvb config are you using the stun mapping for public IP discovery or you have specified it manually?

That is very possibly the problem. I am using a dynamic ip managed by dynu.com. I checked the jvb.conf in the videobridge directory and it is pointing to the DNS name: meet.mysteriesoftherosary.net:443 which resolves to which is correct

This is not the case when testing your deployment. Do you still repro the issue?

when I share a screen from my ipad every device can see it. The android phone, and the pc. When I share my screen from my pc now I see it on my android but not on my ipad. My PC (Moderator), and the android show the correct audio status. The ipad does not. Both the ipad and the android are running the jitsi app. If you want to see for yourself go to https://mysteriesoftherosary/rosary
There are currently three devices showing and the moderator is sharing a screen the android Greg Phone has an open mic.

I will leave it up for an hour.

I don’t know. This has something to do with the iOS version @saghul have you seen something like that?

@GregBiltz which version of the App is running on iOS?

I did a force close on the jitsi app on IOS and now the only problem I seem to have is that IOS doesn’t display the shared page. When I share the page from IOS it works fine. I don’t want to have to tell the iphone/ipad users they have to upgrade IOS. (although if push comes to shove I can share pages through my ipad and then everything works.)

I am running iPadOS 15.7 Oh yes Apple switched the iPads to their own OS on the last update. It is not running IOS anymore.

I was asking what is the Jitsi Meet App version?