Jitsi meet end point for push media

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I need little help about finding end point of jitsi meet.
Actually I am develop a windows software and want to push audio and video from application to jitsi server from my on install jitsi application like OBS and VMix software.
I don’t know what is end point I need to put in my software so that I can stream audio and video on server.
Please help me

It’s not as simple as just sending the audio/video to a particular endpoint; you need to speak the Jitsi signalling protocol in order to set up a channel on JVB to send your media to.

The easiest way to go from OBS or similar software into a Jitsi Meet conference is to join the conference normally with a browser and then use the virtual webcam from OBS as the camera in the browser.

If you don’t want to do that, there are some tools that help with streaming into Jitsi Meet conferences. Those that I know of, from highest-level/easiest to lowest-level/hardest, are:

(Full disclosure, I work for the company that maintains the last two.)

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Thanks for quick reply
I will test with your reference