Jitsi Meet Electron with https://calls.disroot.org/? ✅


here we have a discussion concerning the problem that the Electron Desktop App does not work with calls.disroot.org. Can you help?

The disroot server is returning “X-Frame-Options: sameorigin” headers, which means it cannot be embedded in an IFrame on a site hosted on another domain.

Since the Jitsi Electron app is essentially hosting that within an IFrame, that is being blocked.

This is the error I see in the electron app when accessing the disroot server:

And these are the headers I’m seeing when I access the site directly:


I’m assuming those headers are being injected by nginx on the disroot server? Removing those should resolve your issue.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I forwarded your comment to the disroot.org Devs, hope that will solve the issue.

WIP at disroot.org now

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Resolved here for now, I will tell you when it will be finished at disroot.org or if new questions come up.