Jitsi meet electron render process code using import

Hi Team,
I am using jitsi-meet-electron code (2021.12.2) and running it on a MACBook Pro with Apple silicon.

I observe that main process is creating a render process where the Jitsi user interface / room name / participant video are rendered.
I believe file: jitsi-meet-electron/Conference.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron · GitHub is running in the renderer process but can still invoke “import”?

In the main.js: the BrowserWindow is created with nodeIntergration as false (jitsi-meet-electron/main.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron · GitHub).

As far as I read about electron apps: if the nodeIntegration is false, the render process can not invoke “import” or “require”. How is Jitsi-meet-electron able to achieve it.

I need the info to write an app similar to Jitsi which can also provide remote desktop control.

Anish nema

The code in the render is built using webpack, so the end code won’t have any imports, it will be a single big JS file.