Jitsi-meet-electron on Mac: how to add different URL than meet.jit.si

Dear All,
simple (noob) question (I am ordinary user, not coding):

I want to use the electron client to reach the URL https://jitsi.riot.im
however, only meet.jit.si site is automatically selected.

How to change that (if possible)?

thx a lot, MS

What about in settings?

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Yes, found of course settings, tried several times but it did not accept new URL. Now it is solved.
the field already contains “https://meet.jit.si” as preconfigured URL, so I wanted to add new URL in same way (which seems logic…). However:
if I write “https://jitsi.riot.im” , it will be not accepted, only if I write “jitsi.riot.im” …

I am honestly happy, that you even replied, thanks!
and keep the great work going…