Jitsi meet electron inferior in quality to chromium browser?

In order to achieve best iAV-quality, I have installed jitsi meet electron on my Linux PC. But I have got pretty bad sound and video quality with interruptions etc.
My chat partner is located in Cologne (Germany) and my computer is connected via a 230 Mbit/s cable access. This bad experience kept the same on three different Jitsi servers, two of them presented a load level of the server – both had low load.

Would I achieve better quality, when using most recent Chromium or Firefox browsers?

It sounds like you’re saying you tried this on 3 different self-installed Jitsi servers and experienced the same problem. Am I correct? If so, why not just try Chromium first and see if your experience is different? Saying this because I’ve found the electron app to actually present a slightly better experience than the browsers.