Jitsi-meet electron - how to access the extended settings

On this jitsi webpage , I have found in the middle of the text an image, how to activate the function of e2e encryption (beta).
I cannot open that left part of jitsi meet, with:

  • manage video quality
  • view fullscreen
  • Start lifestream

I am on Manjaro Linux and I have tried the Arch-Linux package as well as the AppImage package I have fresh downloaded from https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron

How can I access this menu?

You mean, you don’t have a pop-up menu with those menu items in your Jitsi installation?

I think, best is, when I append screenshots from my jitsi meet electron. First screenshot is directly after program start, second screenshot after click on the settings button.
I don’t get all these settings, which are shown on the github page, I have linked.

Those menu options are accessed IN THE MEETING itself. So once you start a meeting, you can access the menu pop-up from the lower-right corner.

Ohhh thank you for clarifying this. I am new with jitsi. Sorry for posting those basic questions!

You’re welcome. No problem at all.