Jitsi-Meet- Electron for Windows port to React Native

Just wondering since you have your iOS and Android apps, have you ever thought about using React Native for Windows instead of the Electron? Any interest in porting that from Electron to React Native in order to have all your apps using React Native?


That is a good question, I think React Native for Windows is growing, and it would be beneficial to reuse the same codebase of jitsi-meet that already has react native.


This would be really interesting. It would definitely make it easier to maintain cross platform support.

Definitely - Microsoft launches React Native for Windows ā€“ TechCrunch Microsoft seems like they are putting a lot of energy into this.

Using React Native across the board would be amazing! It would much easier if the Windows app was using it also. Please do this!

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Iā€™m pretty sure the dev team would welcome any PRs.

Oh wow. This is pretty big, I would love to see this happen. Working in React Native for all platforms would be so convenient for us too.

That would be probably a step in the right direction. Everything on the same app. Anybody from Dev Team would agree or disagree?

Great Idea. Is this on the roadmap?