Jitsi Meet Electron events

I have both Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Meet Electron running in development mode. They are on the same conference call. I want to send an Endpoint Message from the Web version to the Electron version and vice-versa but the event this._api.on(‘endpointTextMessageReceived’, () => console.log(‘test’)); is not responding in the Electron Conference.js and instead web event is triggered.

Can I somehow implement communication between both versions where they behave differently on the same event? Thanks.

How are you sending the endpoint text message?

In the web version I am using:
APP.conference.sendEndpointMessage(’’, data);
inside the conference.js.

In the Electron version I used
this._api.executeCommand(‘sendEndpointTextMessage’, ‘’, data);
but that wasn’t working.

Are they different types of communications? if so, is there a way to override the behavior of event JitsiConferenceEvents.ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED in Electron? alternatively, can I access the APP object in Electron?

On what deployment are you testing this? The sendEndpointTextMessage API command was only added recently.

@saghul I am using jitsi-meet master in development mode and Jitsi development server https://alpha.jitsi.net . I am confused about the differences in these API commands. How are they different from each other?

They are not, just the entry-point. The latter is just an iframe API command which wires the functionality (the former part).

@saghul thank you for a response.
So is there a way to trigger different event on messages received in Electron than in Web?

for example, In Web I am using:
room.on(JitsiConferenceEvents.ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED, (…args) => {

console.log('Web version: ', eventData);

and in Electron I used:
this._api.on(‘endpointTextMessageReceived’, (user, eventData) => {
console.log('Electron version: ', eventData);

On the sendEndpointTextMessage, there is only a Web version triggered. Is there an alternative way of achieving this?

Hum, you should be seeing that, if you are testing with meet.jit.si. Can you open an issue on GH?

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