Jitsi Meet Electron app : when closing our own app, the "Jitsi Meet" app appear on our desktop

Hi Jitsi team !

We built our own Jitsi Meet Electron app, and it is working good.
But we noticed that when we close the app on our desktop, a “Jitsi Meet” app icon appear on our desktop…(we still have the icon of our own app too on our desktop. But your app icon appears after closing.)
It’s like the app install your Jitsi Meet electron app (version 1.1.1) on our computer when we close our app. After that, we also find the “Jitsi Meet 1.1.1” on our windows applications list, and can launch your application too, on the Jitsi meet server.
We don’t know why we have that, as we use our own electron app, with our own server.

Could you please tell us why your app is automaticaly installed when closing our app? Do we have something to change on the electon code to don’t have this?

Thanks for your support!


Looks like the “Jitsi Meet” default application is installed automaticaly on our computer only after a meeting. If we enter a room name and do a meeting on our own application, then close our app -> the Jitsi Meet app 1.1.1 is installed on our computer and a shortcut icon too on our desktop.
Dunno why the app do that installation of the default Jitsi Meet. So then after, we have 2 icons : our icon for our app, and the Jitsi Meet icon for YOUR app (pointing on your server)

How are you modfying the Electron app?

I just did modifications for the app config (with my own Server URL, to point on) on app/features/config/index.js file, and changed the “name” for the build (replacing “Jitsi Meet” by my own application name) on the package.json : name, appID, Product Name and executableName / artifactName. I did not change any dependencies or other thing.
Did also some little changes for the left sidebar menu on the app, but nothing more.

Off course, I did : npm install and then npm run dist to generate the .exe build.

It is like the default “Jitsi Meet” application is “called” / “installed” by something on the executable (only happening on Windows, with .exe. On Mac it is ok. Nothing more is installed).

I did a search on all the files to see if I can find where that “Jitsi Meet” installation could be : nothing. I don’t have any “Jitsi Meet” now on my files.

But when I use the electron application (by creating a room and doing a meeting) and then close my electron application on my windows, it creates after like 2 or 3 seconds, another shortcut icon “Jitsi Meet” on my desktop, and automaticaly install a new instance of the default “Jitsi Meet” electron app…
If I just open the electron app, and close it without doing a meeting, the default app “Jitsi Meet” is not installed.
Do you think then that is something about the server? As the default app is installed only when we do a meeting (and so then call the API of the server) ?

Also, that “automatic default installation” of Jitsi Meet when closing the app on windows creates a new directory : “jitsi-meet-electron” on AppData > Local > Programs, where there is the “Jitsi Meet.exe”

I suspect it’s the auto-updater, but I don’t know why it would trigger for you. Did you replace the Git repo URL in package.json?

Thanks! Yes it was the repo of Jitsi. You right! I just changed with my repo and now the problem is gone :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

My pleasure, I’m glad it works for you now!