Jitsi-meet-electron : 302 redirect = permissions not granted


First I would like to thanks all the developers for this amazing project, I discovered it 10 days ago and it’s absolutely amazing IMO.
Also a big thanks for the packages, installing it on a Debian server is really easy (and it is so much automated that it take some time to understand the whole thing :D).

I have configured two Jitsi servers on two different servers :

  • 1 for internal/confidential use
  • 1 for public use
    They are both working well :+1:

To connect to them I would like to use Jitsi Meet Desktop only.

The default server is the internal one, to access to the external I need to use the full url (https:// external/room), which is expected.

But here is the tricky part, I would like to “automatize” as much as I can for my users.
My idea was to do an HTTP 302 redirect for rooms names starting with “external_”.
For example, a request to https:// internal/external_room1 is redirected to https:// external/room1.

It’s working fine with chromium but not Jitsi Meet Desktop, the connection is OK but audio or video permissions are not granted.

I guess this is because Electron grant the permission for https://internal before being redirected to https://external.

Is there any way for me to make this work with Jitsi Meet Desktop ?

I’m using the Linux appimage, version is :
jitsi-meet-x86_64.AppImage jitsi-meet-x86_64.AppImage --appimage-version
Version: effcebc


By the way, if someone could explain what does " deeplinks such as jitsi-meet://myroom" means in the README it would be appreciated too.
Running “jitsi-meet-x86_64.AppImage --no-sandbox jitsi-meet://myroom” does not start the application on this room.


Hum, I might have post in the wrong section.
It does not seems that “Jitsi Desktop” is related to “jitsi-meet-electron”.

If a moderator or an admin could move this topic to the appropriate forum, it would be really nice, thanks.

See https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron/issues/432 for those who might be interested.