Jitsi Meet doesn't show video or shared screeen when more than 2 members jon the meet

I have been using the jitsi-met-7287 stable version for meetings and recently I have seen that the base_tag in docker file doesn’t work when put as “latest” as the tag was removed from jitsi docker hub. Since them Im facing the issue of video and shared sceen/video are not being shown in the conference. The voice/audio works fine for more than 2 users
I tried putting different stable tags for it but still the issue isn’t resolves
Can you please help me in this regard

Are you using the standard compose setup? Did you recreate the containers after upgrading? Check the JVB logs, it sounds like the JVB is not connecting.

Looks like the jitsi meet version I’m using is not being supported but jitsi
thank you for your time