Jitsi meet doesn't seem to work for 65 users anymore

We have used meet.jit.si from time to time last months to meet about 65 users.
It used to work properly, but last two weeks (october 2020) many users had real problems to connect.
All of them used the app in smartphones or in android tablets and wifi.
Did you change anything or did you limit the number of users or the bandwidth?
Is anything we can do to solve the problem? We saw the plans in 8x8.com, but apparently the limit of user is always 50.
We would like to use jitsi because it’s free software and avoid the loss of privacy in big companies with other systems.
Do you think this issues can improve if we install jitsi in our server?
Thanks a lot for any help.

It could just be that the servers were busy when you tried; I don’t think anything has changed that would limit the number of allowed connections. But yes, installing Jitsi on your own server removes any restrictions beyond the resources you commit to it.