Jitsi Meet doesn't detect the v4l2loopback webcam

I created a virtual webcam with v4l2loopback, as demonstrated in this script

When using JSCommunicator in Firefox, it works immediately

When using Jitsi Meet in Firefox, accessing the public meet.jit.si service, the webcam access popup only shows me the physical webcams and doesn’t show the virtual/loopback webcam.

This is also being discussed in Mozilla’s bug tracker

Does this work with Chrome ? Chromium ? What Firefox version are you using ?

In Chrome, the v4l2loopbackup support doesn’t currently appear to work for any site that I tried

In Firefox, it is working for some sites and not others.

sudo modprobe v4l2loopback exclusive_caps=1 max_buffers=2

with ffmpeg and adb allow me to use my old Android phone+Camon with Jitsi-meet. Chromium works and Firefox too - but I use almost exclusively Chromium with Jitsi-meet.

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How do you invoke adb for this ?

look here and also take a look at the whole thread. I admit that the whole thing is a bit messy but for me it’s a temporary fix, I don’t plan to use it after I am able to buy a proper webcam as using an old and very underpowered phone is not ideal (it lags)

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