Jitsi meet does work in iphone?

Hello guys
i have been having problem of video with iphone in the browser safari and google chrome.
i would like know if jitsi work in Iphone?

Works fine for me on iPhone. Are you trying to use the public instance at meet.jit.si or you’re hosting your own server?

Do you use https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet ?

Well, personally I host my own server; but I’ve used the public instance meet.jit.si and it worked fine for me when I did. The link you’ve posted is to a repository, just in case you’re not aware. Are you hosting your own server - as in, did you install Jitsi?

Yes! is here --> https://vmjitsiboti.brazilsouth.cloudapp.azure.com/
But not work in iphone