Jitsi-meet docker install with apache proxy and sub directory

I am hoping someone can help me out. I have spent 3 full days trying to get meet installed and working properly. What I am trying to achieve is using jitsi-meet docker on an existing web server that is running apache. I installed the docker per the read me and changed the following in the .env file

 # Public URL for the web service

 # IP address of the Docker host

DISABLE_HTTPS=1   #I am using my own SSL certs with the apache proxy. I am not using letsencrypt at all**

I setup the proxy in apache per a few different forum threads I found and the proxy appears to be working as the request gets to nginx in the docker, however when I go to the web UI I get "
Uh oh! We couldn’t fully download everything we needed :frowning:
We will try again shortly. In the mean time, check for problems with your Internet connection!"
I clicked on the show more button and I get “Missing https my.hostname.com/libs/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=3969

Here is what I added to my httpd.conf file if that helps. (note I also tried with my hostname instead of using local host and it didn’t make a difference.)

ProxyPreserveHost on
RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Proto "https"
ProxyPass /collab http localhost:8000/
ProxyPassReverse /collab http localhost:8000/

ProxyPass /http-bind http localhost:8000/http-bind/
ProxyPassReverse /http-bind http localhost:8000/http-bind/

** I had to remove the colons and slashes from all of my URLs as I am only able to post 2 links currently.

If more info is needed that I did not provide please let me know. Thanks for all help.