Jitsi Meet disable TileView

Hello everyone,

so I’ll explain my situation first. I have a JitsiMeetAPI embedded within my page and I want to group my participants together without the TileView (Groups of 4). Since I updated my jitsi instance to the newest Version, it appears to automatically switch to TileView once a 3rd participant joins.
I got two questions:

  1. Is there any way to prevent this (obviously it would be great without recompiling but I know this could be the last option to go for eventually)

  2. I. tried using the API function executeCommand(“toggleTileView”) both in combination with an eventListener and to test it just single handed within my jitsiMeetAPI onload function but apparently it doesn’t seem to work. At least not consistently, I haven’t found a pattern yet on when it’s working and when not. Are there any known issues or restrictions to the function (and or the tileViewChanged eventListener)
    PS: If I try to run the api.executeCommand(“toggleTileView”) from the console comandline, it returns undefined and nothing happens. Running api. executeCommand(“setNickname”) etc. work fine though

Already thanks in advance for a hopefully quick answer, since I need to figure this out rather quick for production purposes.