Jitsi Meet - Dial in with existing Conference room (NFON)

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

due to the actual situation i’ve set up jitsi meet & jigasi on our server.

So far:
Video/Voice is working fine
Calendar integrations works also like charm
Dial out and inviting a person via telephone number is working as well.

now what we want to achieve:
we are using NFON (Cloud PBX) as our service provider.
the invitation links to meetings will be generated manually for all our meetings like:

Meeting-link: https://our.domain.com/testmeeting-room1 (room1 or room2 will be in the link)
Dial in via phone please use: +49 89 xxxxxxx (number depends on room 1 or 2)

We just need two conference rooms at a time.

Hope the question is not too dumb, but i’m really new to this topic

Is there any way to achieve this? (due to the fact that we don’t have an own pbx our options are limited)

Best regards & big thanks advance for helping me out,

The only way at the moment jigasi reads about the room is a SIP header. If you cannot set custom headers on your provider, you can either use two jigasi instances defaulting to different rooms, or just deploy an asterisk connecting to your provider and adding the custom headers.

Thank you for the hint :slight_smile:
First i’ll try the second solution…

best regards,

Hi Ralph,

How did you achieve dial out feature?