Jitsi Meet: Developing on Local Machine


I’m attempting to make changes to the UI, which I want to test on my local machine.

I read the docs and it seems one only has to execute the following commands:
npm install
make dev

For good measure, I also set this env variable:
export WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET=https://beta.meet.jit.si

However, when I open my browser on https://localhost:8080 it seems as if the beta.meet.jit.si site is loading. I changed the env variable to https://meet.jit.si and then that site seems to load.

I would appreciate it if you highlight where I might be going wrong.

Not really sure what happened, but after restarting the terminal (without setting the env variable) the local solution loads up.

The default backend is alpha.jitsi.net - I’ve got a PR in to change the documentation. You’d be using the local web frontend (jitsi-meet and lib-jitsi-meet), with the config and actual video conference data bouncing off alpha.jitsi.net.

If you want to use your self hosted instance, there are some quirks to it that are also covered in the documentation PR.

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Thank you for the reply Syonyk