Jitsi Meet developer needed

I need to find a Jitsi developer or service to develop some features:

Features we would like to develop for Jitsi Meet:

Please contact me (semseddin.moldibi@vidizayn.com) and share your ideas about the items in the below list, which one can be done easily or takes time to develop, since I have a limited time we can pick or prioritize them:

  • Ability to change background image (via config or configuration panel/page if possible)
  • Adding a shortcut key to Toggle View
  • Adding a half-tranparent name-bar over the camera view (preferably configurable)
  • Moderator can mute the other participants but cannot unmute, should be able to unmute others as well
  • Moderator should be the person who enters a password or provides a token in the URL not the first person who connect to the session
  • Improving voice quality (if possible)
  • Branding (changing logo etc.)
  • When sharing my screen, my camera should still be visible by other participants (screen sharing should not replace my camera view)
  • Ability to connect to the conference without sharing video and audio (a separate URL)