Jitsi Meet - Deploy new version - cache busting


When using jitsi and deploying a new version on my server,
my user needs to do a hard refresh in order to get latest version of the library and app bundle.

We can see in the HTML pages that the files are required with a query param, fixed to 139 : https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/index.html#L159

When I go on the official Jitsi instance https://meet.jit.si/, the query param is updated to latest version.

Capture d’écran 2020-07-22 à 10.13.21

I was not able to find in the webpack configuration where that could append.
I was also thinking this might be done one the CI, but could not see where.

If anyone could guide me to have the same behavior, that would be really helpfull.


That is done in our ci, the code is not available in a script, but will be at some point, it is part of larger plan for changing version scheme …

# Use the jitsi-meet package version as the version for app.bundle.js
sed -i.bak  -e "s/app.bundle.min.js?v=[[:digit:]]*/app.bundle.min.js?v=$VERSIONMIN/" index.html
sed -i.bak  -e "s/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=[[:digit:]]*/lib-jitsi-meet.min.js?v=$VERSIONMIN/" index.html
sed -i.bak  -e "s/all.css/all.css?v=$VERSIONMIN/" index.html
sed -i.bak  -e "s/interface_config.js?v=[[:digit:]]*/interface_config.js?v=$VERSIONMIN/" index.html
dpkg-buildpackage -A -rfakeroot -us -uc

This is it what you are interested ^, the versions on meet.jit.si differ a little from those in the opensource package, as there is branding applied for meet.jit.si like the welcome page for example and some other close page changes and that’s it.

Thanks a lot @damencho , all of this make sense

Hi @damencho ,
every time I publish some graphic changes made to the customized jitsi solution, my customers are obliged to clear the cache (ctrl + f5) otherwise they would not see the news. Are there any ways to avoid this anomaly?


You can set the client side cache time using expires in your Nginx config

Yep, that’s why some of the resources in the index html there is ?v= … For meet.jit.si we use cdn and base url tag in html and when there is a new version the base url is different and those assets cannot be cached …