Jitsi meet customization not showing in local

I have jitsi meet web app in my local. I also have docker based setup of other components in my local machine. I have local jitsi meet webpack config “const devServerProxyTarget = process.env.WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_PROXY_TARGET || ‘https://localhost:8443’;” like this. The localhost port 8443 is default docker image port of jitsi meet which comes docker based setup.
I have made changes in config file of my local jitsi meet application which is running on different port, but some config changes like “disablePolls: false” I am not able to see when I am running the application in localhost. due to this I have to make changes in the component file itself to force the customization.
can you tell me how I can see these changes without making changes in component code.?

When using the development mode, it downloads the index.html from the server which contains and the configs of the deployment to use.
In order to use some configuration changes, you need to add does to the server you use for development.
Another option is to pass them as config URL params #config.disablePolls=false, mind that not all configs are whitelisted.


I am using webpack dev server in local.
how I can change config in that.

By passing config url param. The idea of dev server is to use a deployment as backend and locally run only UI, so it needs to get the config for the deployment from the deployment. If you want to do a deployment change you need to do it on the deployment machine.