Jitsi Meet connecting and disconnecting every 20 sec

Hi, I’m trying to install Jitsi meet on local server (Self Hosted) locally (accessible to only users on LAN)

Installing on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
I don’t have a domain name (I used a random domain name during install)
I access the Jitsi on an IP-address from other locally connected computer

I have the server running but I can see video, just video-preview
Other users can join a running meeting
meetings disconnect every 10-20secs ten reconnects

  • Ubuntu 20.04 will be better. Some Ubuntu 18.04 packages are old

  • Use the same domain name during setup and access

Thanks for the prompt reply

I’m downloading Ubuntu 20.04 LTS now, anything I should keep in mind before doing the fresh install on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS ? like should I just use Docker

and more importantly is it possible to setup jitsi for LAN users only without a domain name i.e (every user just types in the IP and port number and allows the site manually)

yes it’s possible.
But you should not do it. If you must, use a symbolic name rather than an IP address.
I think that it’s actually better to get a certificate on the Internet, for example if your site is badmus.net, add a pseudo site jitsi.badmus.net to your certificate (obtained from a free provider like Let’sEncrypt), get the certificate every 3 months, copy it to your local network and let believe the local computers that your local server is jitsi.badmus.net (it’s just a matter or either split dns if you run a local dns server, or editing manually hosts files if you prefer complicated solutions). This way your computers’browsers will trust your local server without complaining, now and nothing strange and untoward that Google and Firefox will concoct in the future will change that.
Possibly the ‘get the certificate from the Internet’ could even be automated.