Jitsi-meet - connect just to get room information?


Is it possible to use jitsi-meet just for room data and events? I’d like to create a “users online” widget, but I can’t find a way to not have the user added to the room. I tried not adding the video room to the DOM but it still connects the user to the room (prompts cam/mic access).

I also tried connecting, retrieving the room list and disconnecting, but it’s taxing on both the user and the server and it doesn’t allow me to have join/leave etc events.

We’re not hosting our own server and are using https://meet.jit.si/

If I understand correctly, what you want to achieve is a counter of number of connected users, right?
You cannot achieve this with meet.jit.si, but if hosting your own deployment you should be able to extract that data either from prosody or from jicofo stats, that we recently added.