Jitsi Meet Configuration without Domain and Internet Access


i need help.
I like to install Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu on a server without Internet access and without a domain.
Is that possible? Which Configs i have to modify for that?

Thank you very much.

You may put all Jitsi packages and their dependencies to the server manually and install them.

Or you may install Jitsi on a virtual machine on a server which has Internet access and then move the virtual machine to the other server.

For the Installation i have Internet Access.
After that the Server is used offline in a LAN

I like to Acces the Jitsi Meet Web Inferface only with the IP-Adress without a Domain, AD or DNS.

So there is no problem. You will need some minor customizations in config files.

which config changes are those exactly?

For example harvester IPs for Jitsi Video Bridge or disabling third-party requests

That my first Jitsi Installation.
Do you a step by step manual? If not can you send me the adjustments step by step?