Jitsi meet conference managing

I’m configuring video conference system that is using Jitsi Meet. My setup is based on docker containers which are configured via docker-compose script. I’ve managed to run a jitsi web interface service that I can reach by some known URL. The problem is the following: I cannot get any tool to manipulate created conference instances but UI shows me the presence of such conferences (see picture).

It seems that there is no option to remove existing elements. Does Jitsi support such feature at all? Moreover, I can’t even locate conference info inside any of containers or on host machine itself. docker-compose down do not flush the conference data.

As I dived into that issue, a possible solution to previous problem may be setting up a conference reservation system, which can potentially create a new one when moderators add video widget in Riot client and delete a conference when there are no participants for long time, greater than specified timeout. Unfortunately, google does not help a lot with reservation configuring. All that I have found is the document that guides me to set the following


in the jicofo component config file. However, the location is supposed to be valid only for Debian jitsi installation, which is not appropriate for my docker environment. How can I manage this situation?

Also, I located a topic on this forum where was stated that jitsi does not provide functionality for conference link blocking after timeout. Is it true for now?

The conference is destroyed once the last participant leaves. What you see in recent meetings tab, is just a list of meetings the user had visited, this is only stored in the browser local storage, going in incognito mode you will see no such list.

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Thanks for feedback! Indeed, private browsing showed that it was just a history list. By the way, I would be appreciate if you hint me how can I deal with custom reservation system for Jitsi. What I am supposed to do is integrate videoconferencing with external chat system, inside which conference would be accessed by widget. My target is to create jitsi conference when user initiates that widget creating. How can I access Jitsi API or kinda when it is running in a docker container?

This is the reservation system doc: https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo/blob/master/doc/reservation.md
And this is the API that you can use to embed the video experience in another page: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/api.md

My gratitude to you. Have a nice day!