Jitsi Meet complains Firefox is too old in Debian 10.2

I am using the latest stable Firefox in Debian, yet Jitsi Meet complains about it being unsupported.

" Browser warning - We are afraid your meeting experience …"

I don’t see this error when using Chromium (78.0.3904.108).

My version is 68.3.0esr (64 bit). How can this be avoided ?

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We are working on improving Firefox support, once that is done you will no longer see the notification.

The notification doesn’t warn that Firefox is old, just warns you that there are a number of known issues that can greatly degrade your experience and for the time being you will get better experience with the other browsers.

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I stand corrected, thanks for the clarification. Such warning could be shown once per session. As it stands now I see it in every new meeting when starting the meeting.

This is an important issue as it drives users away from using Firefox and more towards using Chrome/Chromium - if they ever find about it. It looks like a bug because the linked URL proposes to use… well, Firefox (among the others).

It also means when using Jitsi Meet in a standardized desktop, Chromium has to be installed in addition to the default browser (Firefox in GNU/Linux), increasing support and maintenance time & cost.

I ended up noticing this when trying to test the Presenter mode which didn’t work in Firefox yesterday.

Is there a list of issues specific to Firefox ? I would love to help with that or at least knowing about them so I can inform users about them and deal with the compromise instead of having to install and maintain Chrome/Chromium support.

One of the main issue that people see is that there is no media at all, no incoming and no outgoing and you need to refresh. As there is also no simulcast enabled it can increase overall bandwidth in the meeting that can degrade quality for the rest of the participants.

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Ok, I just made a post very similar to this one.

Hope it’s fixed really soon, because I don’t want to abandon Firefox

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