Jitsi meet compatibility issues

Hi, we are developing a video conferencing solution for schools. We launched a POC for 1 school. We have gotten into a support nightmare where we are seeing the staff and students are facing issues with getting the video conference to run.

We figured certain issues and made them as part of the trouble-shooting guide -

  1. Some had their clocks’ time set in the past. Certificate validation failed.
  2. Some had blocked third party cookies.
  3. Some had a old version of Chrome.
  4. A few others were application specific.

Is there a set of things that we could check before Jitsi meet launch as a readiness check to ensure there are no quirks? We intend to put them in the trouble-shooting guide. If they do fail, they could readily self-serve a fix.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated!

Hi, did you solve your issue? I am also want to check for browser compatibility check to show a message to the user. I am using iFrame API and there’s no method available to check for browser compatibility.