Jitsi-meet CentOS7 install and app.bundle.min.js

jitsi-meet CentOS7 install and app.bundle.min.js
I have been following the manual install for a potential deployment on CentOS7 / RHEL7, and I have run across an issue. This, after running the make command and copying my jitsi-meet directory into my nginx root directory. Perhaps I need to reinstall a module? I have checked the Lib directory between my CentOS server and the Ubuntu server that’s running jitsi-meet. They’re both identical. Which is slightly frustrating. Anyway, here’s the output I have found on Firefox. The screen is currently a sterile grey, and clearly missing features.

2020-05-11T17:56:48.887Z [features/base/app] <componentDidMount/this._init<>:  TypeError: "f is undefined"
    <anonymous> app.bundle.min.js:1
    video reducer.js:106
    Redux 3
    <anonymous> reducer.js:164
    Webpack 32
TypeError: this.state.store is undefined AbstractApp.js:118:8

If anyone has got an npm command or recommendation I am all ears.