Jitsi meet causes whole system to have no sound win10

when i use jitsi meet in chrome, my whole system will have no sound. im using a wireless headphone. in the setting it shows my headphone but have no sound. my system shows my headphone is connected but also have no sound. what is this problem?
when i disconnect jitsi meet. my system will have sound again.

That is really strange! Does this happen when you use any other web application using audio in Chrome?

No, but it only happens when I’m using wireless headphones.

Do you have the same problem when running this sample? https://webrtc.github.io/samples/src/content/peerconnection/audio/

Also, what audio device are you using?

the local audio is greyed out, i can hear the remote audio which is myself. im using beatsx.

also when i use your link. my system have no sound again

If you have the same problem on the link I gave you it means there is a problem with Chrome itself, and there is nothing we can do about it, sorry about that :-/ Hopefully they fix it on an update soon.

When I’m not using wireless headphone it will work. Could that be a compatibility issue with my headphone?

Likely yes.

I am having a similar issue and found this thread so figured I’d post here.

I have my wireless headset (Jibra Elite 75t) connected and am listening to music from a soundcloud tab.

I will then open up Jitsi on a seperate tab. As soon as I reach the ‘Join meeting’ screen where it has you enter your name and select devices, the music cuts out. I flip back to the soundcloud tab and the song is still playing (seconds are counting forward), but no music is coming through.

If I then close out of the Jitsi tab, I can immediately hear the soundcloud music again through my headset. If instead I proceed to join the meeting, the music remains inaudible as long as I am inside the Jitsi meeting.

Attaching the console log from Jitsi during this time and my system info

meet.jit.si-1611347558073.log (72.7 KB) system info.txt (3.4 MB)

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Additional info on ‘Testing’ the speakers within Jitsi.

When I am go to the audio devices dropdown, here are five Speaker devices listed:

  1. Default - Headphones (Jabra Elite 75t Stereo) (Bluetooth)[default]|
  2. Communications - Headset (Jabra Elite 75t Hands-Free AG Audio) (Bluetooth)[communications]|
  3. Headset (Jabra Elite 75t Hands-Free AG Audio) (Bluetooth)[11137b52f3de7103b335322c9fba6000d8b941267fc303a1ca27f11583de3364]|
  4. Headphones (Jabra Elite 75t Stereo) (Bluetooth)[b5173b0c377d0b6d97e5aa972a979a33e0c97d0926a9a46fb635395421699d82]|
  5. Speakers (3- Realtek® Audio)[625c97b5899662e57518a5b97688196627f541905f72e3f4504beccec19b2e50]|

The results from clicking ‘Test’ next to them are as follows:

  1. No sound
  2. Can hear test sound through headset
  3. Can hear test sound through headset
  4. No sound
  5. Can hear test sound through laptop speaker

The above test results are the same whether I perform them in the ‘Join meeting’ screen or inside an actual meeting.

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@saghul I tried running the audio sample you posted earlier in this thread and I can hear it fine alongside the soundcloud music, so it doesn’t seem to be caused by webRTC

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I’m having exactly the problem you’re descriping.

Have you found a solution?

I haven’t - still open from my end

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I’m having the same problem on MacOS Mojave. The microphone shows no level and I can’t get the test tone out of the speakers. (WebRTC Troubleshooter says it’s OK). After this I can’t get any sound out of the system. I use a USB audio interface, but replugging that doesn’t bring it back. The only thing that solves it is killall coreaudiod

The interface works with other audio applications on the same computer: zoom, skype, Logic Pro etc. Everything was working fine a couple of weeks ago. It’s very weird

I tried the webrtc echo test posted above and it works. Maybe a Chrome issue on my end?

I can only assume it’s a Chrome bug.

Just tested it again and reading carefully through my prior report it seems the problem is a bit different now than it used to be

It used to be that when I would enter Jitsi, my sound would stop
Now, when I enter Jitsi, I can still hear sound from my other tab (soundcloud), but when I open up the microphone dropdown menu from the microphone symbol, the sound cuts out. This is just by virtue of me having that menu open, not changing any devices.

@saghul I tested this in both Chrome and Brave and you might be onto something, as there is a distinction between the two.

In Chrome, opening the dropdown menu cuts out the sound and it remains cut off even after I close the menu. I have to refresh / rejoin Jitsi to get it working again.

In Brave, opening the dropdown menu also cuts out the sound, but as soon as I close the dropdown menu I regain the sound. So still buggy but not as bad. I don’t have to rejoin Jitsi.

So to summarize:

  1. Problem has evolved, now is only triggered by opening the device dropdown from the mic, not just by joining
  2. Problem behaves differently between Chrome and Brave

Hope the above helps in tracking this one down!

This makes sense, because in order to show volume levels we actually open all devices.

This shouldn’t happen, once the menu is closed and all extra devices are released your audio should continue to work. What Chrome version are you using?

Brave uses Chromium, but might be a different version than your Chrome.

I’m on Chrome version 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Brave version 1.22.70 Chromium: 89.0.4389.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Quick question - you say that once the menu is closed the devices should be released; why does opening the menu tie up the devices?

Just realized I’m not on the latest Chrome version.

I closed all 50 tabs and updated Chrome and now it behaves the same as Brave - sound cuts out while menu is open but it comes back when I close the menu.

Still curious as to why it has to cut out at all though; can you educate me?

What’s interesting is that it only cuts out when I’m wearing the headset. If I’m not wearing the headset, then I can open the menu just fine and it does not interrupt the sound

When you open the menu we open all devices to show the volume levels. Some devices cannot be open more than once, or switch modes, for instance Bluetooth headsets typically go from A2P mode (high quality audio output) to HSP (headset mode, where the mic is also used) so there is a gap.