Jitsi meet Call end callback

i am using jitsi meet android sdk. i can able to create,join the conference now but the issue is that i cannot able to get any callback For the ending the call from the sdk. i have also used the "JitsiMeetViewListener "
but the thing is that the callback called in the jitsimeetActivity itself and its not calling in the activity where i want. Can anyone help me in this…

I am also having same issue. I am using SDK itself without any modification in it. I can’t get any callback whenever call ended from provider side.

you can get the callback by emitting a event from the react native side and implement those callback in the jitsimeetactivity

You can take a look at Emam’s code example here, it sort of works.

There is one small mistake in his code for onConferenceTerminated he does not do “finish()” to close the fragmented activity’s view.

Still I cannot figure out how to programmatically close the current JitsiMeetview from the parent activity MainActivity


I already tried this way and there is an issue in this code. We can’t start and stop JitsiMeetOngoingConferenceService which is the crucial part of the screen.

Hello Sagar,

I had no success with JitsiMeetOngoingConferenceService but there is a simpler way to access the view and you can just use the view to “stop” . Register the JitsiMeetView being launched in the class like
class MyJitsiCallActivity : FragmentActivity(), JitsiMeetActivityInterface {
private var view: JitsiMeetView? = null


Then you can set the view onCreate like
override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
view = JitsiMeetView(this)


As long as you are in the same activity, you can easily access the private var “view” and do

view = null

to close the current view graciously. This will also trigger onConferenceTerminated if you registered one with view!!.listener attribute.

Make sure you clean up this variable on all crazy situations like onDestroy etc. Android is notorious of leaving things hanging even when activity is itself called with “finish()” and then throwing null pointer errors.


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