Jitsi meet build create and push on server

i have cloned jitsi meet code and done few changes for UI inside react folder now i have to push that code on server . how can i make build and put it on server .

any one who can guide me ?
i am new here

@damencho thanks for this it is also helpful . yes i want to make changes in UI to the meeting i have experience of 2 years with reactjs. mostly worked on react project.
what i want to know is , like in React js we create build before deploy it on server using command “npm run build” and then we get build folder and we upload on server .
same like this can i make build for jitsi-meet code which i have cloned and made changes in it .
or i have to upload the whole project on server and run it using command make dev

All is easier, the proper way is to create your deb and install that.
If you don’t want to upload the source-code, this is what goes into the debian package, all you need is that jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet-web.install at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub.