Jitsi meet build code changes not reflected on server

Hi @damencho ,

I made changes in the jitsi UI regarding whiteboard and i have deployed on my server lib folder. Code not reflected on server regarding this changes. kindly guide me.

Below steps I have did

1.I have taken existing code backup from server into local
2.Installed node modules and dependency in local.
3.Try to make a build using run the command :: make
4.After success of this command getting lib folders.
5.Uploaded lib folder on server.
6.Check on browser.

Can help how can i test the latest changes on browser?

Try incongnito mode, the assets might be cached.

I have tried in incongnito mode as well.


1.Am I running correct command?
2.have we upload libs folder only or libs and build both folders need to upload?

Kindly let me know

Dewpending on what you changed you might need to deploy the css assets too.

Hi @saghul , We are trying to install the jitsi meet in local system MAC. In documentation defined only for Ubuntu. So how we can install on MAC? If any documentation link, kindly share.

I don’t recommend you do that. If you are on a mac platform you are better off using Docker.

Okay @saghul . Noted.