Jitsi Meet - BuddyPress Integration

I have developed a free / opensource plugin that integrates Jitsi Meet with Wordpress / BuddyPress plugin called BuddyMeet. For anyone interested check WordPress plugins directory.


Thanks a lot for sharing!

Link for the lazy :slight_smile: https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddymeet/



I love the plugin but have encountered a problem with certain themes. It seems that themes like KLEO force the BuddyPress instance to use the legacy BuddyPress theme and not the BuddyPress Nouveau. In these themes (also MyListings) BuddyMeet will not show the actual controls to create a jitsi instance,

To test, I’ve tried BuddyMeet on at least three themes that do allow me to select the BuddyPress Nouveau theme and it works perfectly!

Any thoughts on a way around this quandary? Thanks for a great plugin, hope I can figure a way to use it with my themes.

Frank J


You can create a child theme and override the templates of the plugin by copying the templates/group folder to your theme and then customizing them as you wish.

Hope that helps,


My english is not very good and please excuse me. I just installed your plugin which looks great and I plan to make a donation. However, I have a big problem. I can’t get the app and our website to work. From PC to PC or from site to site it works but not from the Jitsi application on PC. If a person uses the application and sets the same meeting room name, we do not end up on the pc in the meeting room.
What should I do so that the two are synchronized?
PS: I am not a programmer and if you have to make some modifications you have to explain myself step by step.


by saying “running Jitsi App in your PC”, do you mean a local Jitsi Meet server installation that runs on your PC? If yes, then it has to be accessible by your wordpress installation meaning either running wordpress also to your PC or making your jitsi host available to the server where your WordPress installation runs.

After that you have to configure the host of your Jitsi Meet server to the buddymeet short code (e.g. [buddymeet host=https://my_jitsi_host:my_jitsi_port room=12431 subject=test] ).

Hope that helps.

Thank you for your quick reply. Actually no, I installed the buddymeet plugin on my WP site in production. So via the profile of each Internet user logged in, the objective is to be able to communicate via Jitsi.
However if I understand correctly, it is possible by creating a dedicated page to create a short code to include in it? this will allow me to easily create a meeting group. If I understood Buddymeet and maybe Jitsi uses the email address to recognize users.
So can help me create the short code necessary for setting up the page.
Website: https://vitasports.fr
Meeting room: VitaSportS meeting (on Jitsi and buddy meet, the two seemingly don’t know each other. Everyone stays in their room and I see either those connected on PC or those connected on smartphone by Jitsi.
Password: none or if set 1234

Can you help me clarify the problem.
Thank you in advance.

Thank you very much for your Buddypress integration. It’s brilliant. Very useful for my site creation and very popular with users creating buddyboss sites. The plugin works very well with groups. Could you explain a bit more about how to use the shortcode. When I put it on a test page I ended up entering someone else’s meeting. What do we have to do to the shortcode to ensure that just our users can find the room? Thank you

Hi there! Cool to test Jitsi and the Buddymeet plugin. Was tipped off by a developer a couple weeks ago. Seems to work fine so far, but with one exception: Groups = Works Fine on a BuddyBoss site, Regular WP Pages + Shortcode on same site = Works FineLearndash Course Pages, however = DOES NOT WORK FINE

Is there a reason for this phenomenon? I would really like to build my virtual coaching meetings straight into a course.

Thanks in advance & keep up the good work.

I have installed BuddyMeet on my WP website and we are having some issues of understanding how it works on the user side.

For instance, how do we find out what room a person is in, without having to go to every room/meeting.

I have made it so I just have the Lobby as the main group, but people create their own rooms off of that, but are having a hard time going around the site. Is there some training to teach the ‘customer’ to use it better?

I’m so excited about the possibilities, just having some growing pains figuring it all out.

Loving BuddyMeet! One thing: haven’t been able to show the DisplayNames on the people in the chat, everyone appears to be joining anonymously even when they’re logged in. Does BuddyMeet support display names? Thanks!

@tdakanalis great work on the BuddyMeet plugin, thank you! Would it be possible to list all active participants in a call and display their WP Display Name on the site?

Hi tdakanalis,
Nice to have such integration via buddymeet.
one problem, not problem exactly. But When group users access meet on mobile, they need to download jitsi meet.
Can you please guide, how to work under web / external api call , not via install.

I seen some suggestion from jitsi like,

const options = {
    configOverwrite: {
        disableDeepLinking: true,
var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI("meet.jit.si", options);

Ref: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pull/3518#issuecomment-611570840

How to achieve it, within buddymeet, please guide.

I’m having the same issue! Would really appreciate having people’s WP display names in the call.


The plugin is really good. We installed it this

morning and it worked fine for the first meeting, but then it stopped using audio and video and we lost the screen share option also. Tried it on 3 different browsers , same problem. Can yo kindly suggest the way out. thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot for your plugin!
I tried to insert this shortcode in one of my LearnPress courses (Eduma theme), but it doesn’t work. My WordPress is 5.5.3.

[buddymeet room=NAME show_watermark=false
default_language=portuguese toolbar=‘embedmeeting,fullscreen,fodeviceselection,profile,chat,raisehand,videoquality,settings,microphone,camera,desktop’]

Is it possible to hide the kick button for guests and the mute everyone button for guests?

I need help,please!