Jitsi Meet Browser Warning with supported Browser

Hey guys,
When using meet.jit.si under Arch Linux with Firefox 71 I get a “Browser Warning” popup like this:

Another friend on Debian gets the same message. Is this some sort of Linux bug? I mean it works fine, but this might look weird to potential clients that we are discussing with over Jitsi. Plus it also hides the chat notifications when I am sending them stuff. Can this be fixed?


We are working on updating Firefox experience.

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This is not a bug. The experience on firefox is currently not optimal (regardless of the platform). You should be aware of that, especially if you are planning to use it with clients. As Damencho mentioned, there is ongoing work to address the issues on firefox, but in the meantime we recommend you use on of the fully supported browsers.


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Thanks Boris,
I got confused because when I click on the supported browsers link Firefox was listed as well.

Which are the fully supported browsers?

It would be nice to know in what way the Firefox experience is “not optimal”. It seems to work fine, though I have not tried every possible feature. For example if it is just YouTube sharing that doesn’t work, then say that and people can decide whether that is important to them.

It is quite embarassing that Edge is turned away as well, regardless of Microsoft’s future plans for it. Just say which versions are supported.

I have confirmed that Chromebooks work, which is basically Chrome on a Linux kernel.

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As a Linux user, I agree that this is a bit disconcerting given that Firefox is a) probably the most widely used browsers in Linux and b) much more centered on privacy and ease of control of privacy. Not Jitsi’s problem, but we also need to see that the gecko engine – and related goana in PaleMoon/Basilisk – continue being supported widely or we will all become prisoners of Google.

That said, clicking on the notification in Linux brings up Chrome and Chromium (the latter highlighted) as the “fully-supported” browsers. What about the other Chromium-based browsers, specifically Vivaldi that does a more thorough job of removing Google spyware. I have used Jitsi Meet in Vivaldi fairly regularly (due to a minor problem with WebRTC in Basilisk) with no problems.

Firefox and simulcast will arrive soon. In terms of webrtc Chrome moves way faster than Firefox. In the past we did have some really bad crashes with it , and we didn’t have time and priority to move the Firefox development on the roadmap, but finally it will arrive soon.
Yes, that maybe FF is higher percentige in Linux, but we are checking our stats and our clients and it is very low percentage … when we were looking at it … just saying.

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Thanks for the quick reply. The FF figures do not surprise me as it has taken a beating from everyone migrating to the Google engine, which I have yet to see as faster for the average user, but clearly worse on the privacy end. While it does not account for the FF share, Chrome/Chromium will be overrepresented in the count if others follow Vivaladi in abandoning its own user agent: https://vivaldi.com/es/blog/user-agent-changes/

Will look forward to the new version of Jitsi and the end of the FF warning. :slight_smile:

Soon, very soon … :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:


Nice to hear FF full support will arrive soon. It will help to increase FF world usage and internet users’ possibility to remain as Google free as possible (and solve the paradox of an excellent opensource tool like Jitsi being fully suported by Chrome but not by Firefox).

Will you developers inform when you’ve finished in this forum?

Cheer up developers! And thank you so much

The work around FF support landed on meet.jit.si few hours ago. There are still few issues around Safari we are working on.

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Thank you! Will try to convince my friends to use Jitsi… big caution and promo for Jitsi here: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2020/04/security_and_pr_1.html