Jitsi Meet Browser Warning with supported Browser

Hey guys,
When using meet.jit.si under Arch Linux with Firefox 71 I get a “Browser Warning” popup like this:

Another friend on Debian gets the same message. Is this some sort of Linux bug? I mean it works fine, but this might look weird to potential clients that we are discussing with over Jitsi. Plus it also hides the chat notifications when I am sending them stuff. Can this be fixed?

We are working on updating Firefox experience.

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This is not a bug. The experience on firefox is currently not optimal (regardless of the platform). You should be aware of that, especially if you are planning to use it with clients. As Damencho mentioned, there is ongoing work to address the issues on firefox, but in the meantime we recommend you use on of the fully supported browsers.


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Thanks Boris,
I got confused because when I click on the supported browsers link Firefox was listed as well.