Jitsi Meet behind NAT and webserver HAproxy

Hello all,

I have been trying to set up Jitsi Meet behind NAT and HAproxy. Jitst Meet and all of its components are on a single server. HAproxy sits on a pfSense router to allow for multiple webservers in a single IP Address. Only port 80 and 443 go through HAproxy (it uses host matching on port 80/HTTP and SNI matchig on port 443/HTTPS) and all other ports are port forwarded. I followed the self hosting guide (including the behind NAT portion and tried the proxying server one too), and tried the guide here:

But I still cannot seem to get Jitsi Meet to work. I am suspecting the HTTP mode of HAproxy is playing an issue (as I always get a 503 error when trying ), but I admittedly don’t know enough about Jitsi Meet to figure out what I need to look at to get this to work.

Is there someone I can look for more info on how to get this to work?