Jitsi-meet bandwidth per participant/conference analytics


Does jitsi-meet or in perticular JVB logs in/out bandwidth per participant ?
lib-jitsi-meet provides local as well as remote participants connection Quality stats, is there any consolidated stats api, which could show overall mettings network stats?
Thanks in advance.

For the statistics per participant for media and network we use callstats.io.

Thanks for the response, I will look into it.

Might it be possible to record SSID RSSI from Android Jitsi client into the statistics in callstats?
That may be extremely valuable to IT for diagnosing connection issues.
Does Jitsi have a space to prioritize or express interest/vote on new features, or slowly work on new features as they become important?

Thanks for your support!

Yep, that’s already available and should be working.

The team has its roadmap (which changes weekly:)), and we are already so busy, but discussing features and reviewing PRs is always welcome.