Jitsi Meet Autoscaling Validation Require

I would like to validate my autoscaling configuration of the Jibri server and JVB server, Jibri multiple streaming I am able to do and it’s auto-scaling I can consider it running fine. But for JVB autoscaling I am not yet able to confirm whether it has been configured correctly or not. Based on the forum recommendation I have enabled the auto-scaling configuration of both servers. But before switching to a production environment I would like to validate it completely.

If anyone can help with my above requirement that will be great.

This depends on the condition you’ve set to trigger autoscaling. For instance, if you’ve tied it to CPU %, then you have to simulate that by loading the instance to the specified threshold. Once the threshold is reached, a new instance should be created.

Yes, autoscaling trigger I have enabled it for both Jibri and JVB, when CPU usage reaches 60%, autoscaling spins another instance of the Jibri server but on JVB server how can I increase the CPU utilization, I am unable to figure out yet. I have tried with concurrent 15-16 conference rooms but still, CPU usage was not increased beyond 15%. In my 15-16 conference testing I kept 1-2 users only. Do I need to increase the participant numbers in each conference room?

Well, one easy way for you would be to adjust your autoscale logic - basically test with a lower threshold. So, set the threshold to maybe 5% and watch if a new JVB instance is spun. If it works at 5%, it will work at 60%.

Reducing the threshold is a way to go - it should work.

If you really want to test the real thresholds, you can always use a stress test tool, like stress(1): impose load on/stress test systems - Linux man page

It’s in Debian main and Ubuntu universe already.

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Okay @Freddie Thank you for the information.

Okay @yasen Thank you for the information.