Jitsi Meet Authentication with Single Sign-On an Active Directory


We have been using Jitsi Meet for 2 years now. It is installed on a virtual machine running Ubuntu.

The server is currently configured with an LDAP query.
When a user opens a room, the dialog for entering the login data appears. It is then checked via LDAP in the Active Directory whether the user is authorized to open a room. A room that is already open can also be accessed by other people without an LDAP query.

Since entering the username and password is very time-consuming, I would like to switch to Single Sign-On. The user logged on to Windows should be automatically logged on to Jitsi as a moderator. It should still be possible for other people to join without SSO. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything here in the forum.

Is there already a documented guide for this? Has this already been done before?

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JWT Tokens should work for you.