Jitsi-meet Authentication - Active Directory



For a few days, i’m trying to create an authentication system for Jitsi Videoconference System.
The idea is to connect Prosody or Openfire to an Active Directory in order to recover necessary information.
I have already installed jitsi-meet.

So, if someone wants to log in, it will check if his information is corresponding to data inside Active Directory. If it’s true, the client is connected, if not, some features are unaccessible.

To recapitulate, connected people will be able to create a conference room and invite unconnected people.
And, obviously, unconnected people will can just join a room created.

I have already checked some links you often give on discussions :

I need your valuation about what it’s the best to use. Openfire, Prosody ?
Do I need to modify config of those above ?

One more thing, in some time, i will try deploy JITSI client directly on computers. If you have any more information, please send it.

Thank you.

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Hi and welcome.

I have no experience with Active Directory, but you can check whether you can configure prosody to use it: https://prosody.im/doc/authentication there are official providers and community supported.

Jitsi Desktop is a sip/xmpp client and is a different application than Jitsi Meet. For Jitsi Meet you only need Chrome or Firefox installed on the client machine, chrome is preferred. You can test it on https://meet.jit.si.

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I’m new to Jitsi meet. My question “How do I secure Jitsi meet on my wed site?” Who can create a Jitsi conference? Is there any documentation on how to do this ? I don’t need AD integration, but I do need something to tell it who can create a Jitsi meet conference.



You need to follow the secure domain part on this link, https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo#secure-domain
It’s enough easy, I’m currently using this way to do.