Jitsi meet audio

good video - audio just a jumble of noises. using chrome around 15 of us meet and nobody else has an issue - occasionally I get a message that my microphone is very noisy used a headset and get same message

Hi all,
I have got the same problem already with only 2 participants in my meeting.

One side is using a Raspberry Pi over meet.jit.si (web-conference) and is not audible at all, only noise. Video is clear. Jit.si is also complaining about the noisy microphone :wink:

The Raspberry Pi 3B+ configuration is latest Buster, latest Chromium, cheap “König”-webcam with microphone and a noname USB-soundcard. I tested the soundcard and the mic within the Raspberry OS and both work fine together, transferring clear sound to the connected TV.

arecord --format=S16_LE --rate=16000 | aplay --format=S16_LE --rate=16000

Hence no hardware problem.

My initial thoughts were to use a different host server, but trying a couple did not change anything.
When setting up an own jitsi-server there is the option DISCARD_CONTRIBUTING_SOURCES which seems to exactly handle this kind of problem - but I have found no clue that this can be switched on in the browser-meeting.

I would be really grateful for any hint that helps me solving this issue. And sorry in advance, it there is a simple solution that I just have not come across yet. The alternative, setting up a jitsi-server on the Raspberry, will be too much for me (and the tiny computer), I am afraid. Thanks in advance!


Hi all,
I have found the reason for the sound problems (at least in my case) - and the good news is it has nothing to do with Jitsi.
The reason is the power supply that I used. It was just at the edge (not showing the low voltage warning) and the Raspberry Pi hardware reacts strangely and unpredictably. In my case it caused the noise.
Two solutions work: Either a USB hub with external power suppy or a better power plug.
Sorry for presenting this case here! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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