Jitsi Meet - Audio & Video Recording

Dear All, I am using Jitsi meet (Hosted on my server) for one of my customers and they need to record the Video & Audio of all the conferences made using Jitsi. Could anyone help ? If jitsi doesnt have recoding by default, is there any other options like consuming an API and record the content on another server ?

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thanks @emrah , Jibri can record only one stream at a time ? My customer may have multiple Video Conference sessions at a time and wants to record all calls and playback later

You will need multiple jibri instances to record multiple sessions at a time

@emrah thanks for your reply. Does that mean, I need to have multiple Jibri Servers for recording multiple sessions or the same Server can can have multiple Jibri Instances ? If yes is there any documentation on how to install Multiple instances of jibri in the same server ?

Both possible… A server for each jibri instance which is a good option when used in an autoscaling system or multiple jibri containers on one server

IIRC there are some topics in this forum related with Dockerized jibri or try this guide and tools if you have a Debian box.