Jitsi Meet apps not working in on premise deployments


We have a problem in the latest (22.7.1) Jitsi-Meet ios and android apps. They can not connect to to the on-premise server in case of the new installations. If an existing users update their Jitsi-meet app, they don’t have any problem. But if any user uninstall the Jitsi Meet app and then install again or if they install first time, they have the problem. The app can not connect to the server.


Can you share your config.js?

No, this is interface_config.js, share your config.js.

sorry. can you please tell me the exact location of the file?


This config file is old and not compatible with the new Jitsi.

thank you so much. After replacing the config file with the new version, the problem was solved. By the way, I’m wondering what parameter was causing the problem.