Jitsi-Meet apps is black screen on Android phone


Hi! We have installed a new jitsi-meet server for our conference. Everything’s working using desktop and laptop. When we tried to use an app from android phone and enter the conference room, the screen of the phone is just black. What could be the reason why it’s not working? and if there’s a link for troubleshooting, kindly send it to me. I’m currently looking at google, as well. TIA!


Did you install valid certificate or at least let’s encrypt certificate?
Mobile will not work without a valid certificate.
Also have you tested desktop/laptop from Internet, not from the local network where jitsi-meet (videobridge) is running, is it working? Often people do not check the advance settings, when running jvb behind NAT.


We have valid cert from our jitsi server. Also we test our local jitsi using desktop/laptop (good camera and microphone) and it worked. However when we try our local server using android phone, the phone screen or conference was black. Thanks.


Does joining a meeting in meet.jit.si work correctly?


Yes, when we tried joining a meeting at meet.jit.si using our android phones, it works correctly.


Can you show us the output of adb logcat when you join a call on your server and see this failure?

Also, what kind of cert do you have? Are you including the full chain?