Jitsi meet app looks absent in local Android


Looking for some hint as this is quite weird.

I have been using Jitsi Meet with my wife for video calls using our Android smartphones and it’s been working fine for months. Starting from yesterday when she clicks on the link to join the video conference she is able to see the Jitsi Meet web page in the screenshot below:

However, although the Jitsi Meet app is definitely installed and configured, the minute she clicks on Join this meeting using the app, instead of opening the Jitsi Meet app to join the meeting, the following popup window in the bottom appears and it does not even offer Jitsi Meet as an option to complete the task:

For some reason, it seems like the Jitsi Meet app does not appear to be installed.
The issue is only happening on her phone. Mine behaves as expected


  • Rebooted the phone
  • Checked the Jitsi Meet app settings
  • Uninstalled the Jitsi Meet app
  • Rebooted the phone
  • Install the Jitsi Meet app back again


  • Phone model: Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • OS: Android v13
  • See screenshot below fore more information:

Any help is highly appreciated.


Hum, that’d odd.

I tried to reproduce this on a Pixel 6 running Android 13 but the app opened just fine… Any chance you can enroll on the beta version (on the Play Store) and give it a try? We didn’t change anything in this regard, but it’s a more recent build.

Hi @saghul,

Thanks for your follow up.

Any chance you can enroll on the beta version (on the Play Store) and give it a try?
Sure but if I look for the Jitsi Meet or Jitsi Meet beta in the Play Store I can’t find this version. Can you explain how to do it?

My apologies as this might sound stupid.

Not stupid at all!

Please follow this link in your Android device: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.jitsi.meet

Thanks @saghul,

I will give it a shot today and let you know!

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Hi @saghul,

Despite the fact the beta version is in place, the issue still stands as it was described before.

I checked the Settings > Apps > Choose default apps > Apps that can open links and if I select Jitsi Meet I can enable Open supported links and if I tap on Supported web addresses I can see:

  • meet.jit.si
  • alpha.jitsi.net
  • beta.meet.jit.si
    A normal conference call hosted in jitsi.net works fine. However, if I send her the link to my own self hosted jitsi server (different URL), it doesn’t work.

Other mobiles do not have this issue at all. It’s only her phone.

Any idea?

Sorry, I have no idea, I have never encountered this problem before :frowning:

I’m just prodding in the dark here so take it with a pinch of salt, but it sounds like this is related to an Android feature introduced in Android 12 – Verify Android App Links  |  Android Developers – and the list of verified addresses does seem to correspond to this.

In the settings where you saw the list of supported web address, what happens if you disable the “Open supported links” option for Jitsi Meet app?

There are also various suggestions online on how to workaround this, e.g. 1 and 2, but I’m not sure how appealing these options are.