Jitsi Meet App for Android not working for own server - Bug?

Hi, when I use Jitsi Meet App for Android with the Default-Server https://meet.jit.si/ everything works fine.

But when I use a own server such as meet.myserver.com then I couldn’t get a connection. It seems that internally only meet.jit.si/ will be used. No override is possible.

As far as I know the app works only with real certificates and doesn’t work with self-signed

Also the cert must be one with full chain.

I always use a own server with a real certificate. The Server is reachable by browser.
I use the last Version V20.2.2 build 4116609 (21.04.2020) for Android on my mobile. Under configuration I’ve set my own server-URL. After this I’ve got no connection to my server. But it works only for https://meet.jit.si

I am having the same problem using a local Certificate Authority and a full-chain certificate on the server. The app works fine on IOS and all browsers (even on the Android phone), but the android app on the phone does not work. The same version of the Android app on my tablet (Android 5) works fine. There is something peculiar to the app on Android 7 that makes it not work.

same problem… iPhone, new Edge and Chrome works fine. Only android app is not working. Using Let’s Encrypt Certificate. Chrome browser says “Certificate Valid”