Jitsi Meet API not getting past loading


My team and I have been working on a custom GUI using the Jitsi Meet API (lib-jitsi-meet), and have been using it successfully for a while. However, for the past few days, we have been unable to connect past the loading screen. Our instance is very similar to the sample posted by Maxired here: GitHub - maxired/jitsi-standup: A simple web interface for Daily standup meeting with Jitsi. I checked, and his is not working either.

Is anyone else experiencing this, or have possible solutions? I’m not sure if the problem is on our side, or the meet.jit.si domain is not establishing the connection anymore.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

You should be using the iframe API there as per the terms and conditions of that service.

You may want to try https://jaas.8x8.vc though. We can probably help you achieve the same thing there

Thanks for the timely response Damian. So does that service I was using before no longer exist? I haven’t seen the iframe API and jaas anywhere before, not sure how to get started with it.

This is the documentation for the service I intended to continue using.

And there is the jaas link above.
You can always deploy your own infrastructure and use it as you wish.
For the iframeAPI when using the meet.jit.si infrastructure there are some requirements as described in the terms of service, link also available above. That applies only if you want to use our infrastructure, you are always free to deploy and maintain yours.

In regards to our own infrastructure, we have a full deployment of jitsi-meet running our own server. Is this what you are referring too? If it is a possibility to go through the similar API process, but run it through our server rather than meet.jit.si that would be great.

Also, I still don’t understand what exactly has happened to the previous service we were using. Did we violate the terms of service, or does it not exist in that form anymore?

Thanks for all your help, if there is some email address I am able to reach you at for private discussion please let me know.

You can use the same api with your deployment, the same way.