Jitsi Meet API issue with server

Using the lib-jitsi-meet, I implemented the chat functionality in my application with domain as meet.jit.si. Chat session is working fine. But when I connected this to the new Jitsi meet server that I installed, it is not working. Showing following error in the console.

After establishing the connection, it goes to the onConnectionFailed()(EventListener function for JitsiMeetJS.events.connection.CONNECTION_FAILED). How can I identify the reason for the fail? or how can I display the errors?.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Your XMPP server might be misconfigured. Check its logs.


There is no error in the xmpp server. Also, other than the OPTIONS request, any other activity from my application not logged in the log.

In my application side after establishing the jitsi connection. It redirected to “JitsiMeetJS.events.connection.CONNECTION_FAILED” function. Here it shows -
errType -> connection.otherError
errReason -> giving-up
credentials -> undefined
errReasonDetails -> undefined

That means it cannot connect to the XMPP server. Please check the logs to see the connection attempts. Maybe the config you are passing is incorrect too, double check that.

Thanks saghul,

Configuration details are correct. Found that the issue was related to the missing headers.

So we fixed issue by adding following headers to Apache configuration -