Jitsi meet api forbid video

Hello there,

I’ve install a debian server with Jitsi in order to use jitsi meet embed in my web pages thanks to the JS API.

But one important thing is that I want to disable video. I found some settings like “startAudioOnly” which allows to launch the conference without camera. But any user can click on his camera and enable it.

so I would forbid them to activate their camera. On the server side it would be safer, but if I can do it on the front side with JS it would be a good beginning.

Thank’s for your help !


Check interface_config and there is a list with buttons, try disabling the button.

nice one Damencho,

in the setting “TOOLBAR_BUTTONS” I could remove the ‘camera’ and the button for enabling the camera desappeared. So it answer my needs, even if I guess a web dev could easily re-activate his camera…

no possibility for doing this on the server side ?

Anyway thankyou for your very fast answer !

Not without modifications, this a video conference solution and turning off all video is not something that was desired at any stage :slight_smile:

yeah of course I can understand that :slight_smile:

Anyway, you answered to my need so I am fine with that and thank you for this really fast help.

Thibaud from france.